Saturday, 28 April 2012

Thanks for the help, Tips~

Saturday Potpourri

well CRAP!

So due to some interesting developments in my life, today will be a rather short post. But it won't be light on content, so worry not.
Today I'm going to post a few of my favorite videos from around the interwebs concerning painting and modeling, that I found very informative and useful!


First up, the ever awesome MiniGhool with a couple of videoswith some wonderful advice for  painting skin tones. Numero Uno is about two-brush blending:

And numero dos is about painting flesh tones using the above two-brush blending. Note: this video is part one of....9(?) I believe. It's an interconnected series. Naturally I suggest watching all of them!


Next up we have TemplarsCrusade01 with a great 2 part tutorial on making scenic bases that I found quite great.

and part 2:

And lastly I'm going to point you all to a wonderful article about applying Decals (which includes two short videos showing you how to do it as well!)

A League of Ordinary Gamers: How to apply Decals

As I said, Short but oh so sweet, and I hope this helps some of you out.
Until next time,
Keep your brush wet.
Bean out~

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