Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I forgot to forget

Aka: life happened and nothing got done for the blog. This may happen a lot in the next little while. Regular posting to resume eventually.

bean out~

Thursday, 18 April 2013



Wow. What can I say, As of tomorrow, this blog is one whole year old. I'm actually kind of impressed. I started it as a little side project to see if I could do it and because a large number of people I know asked me to do something like this. Here we are, a year later and I'm still writing (intermittently admittedly, but I am!). In the last year I've learned quit a few things, amongst them how surprisingly difficult it can be to write posts regularly! But I'm still keeping at it.
But seeing as we're a whole year into this project and my life has changed drastically, Two massive changes are in order:

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back once more!

Long time no see


And we're back! Took a little longer than I had expected but it is what it is: the results of moving houses (and land mass... from a teeny tiny little island to a significantly larger island... which is still considered part of the mainland?), Painting the new apartment (mostly.. still a few walls to do), getting settled in, eating delicious food (Omg I can get pizza delivery again!!!), and figuring out the area.
I now have access to 2 FLGStores (much better than the none within a 7 hour sojourn)! Technically I have 3 gaming stores within easy access of my new place... Though I wouldn't say GW, as a business, is friendly, though the employees are nice. I may, or may not (I did), have hired 2 of the 4 while I was still a Manager for GW, and of the remaining 2, One is a guy I worked with when he took over on of the stores I managed and is a pretty great dude. In between all of that I still found time to bring the samurai commission I've been working on up to about 80% completion, build, base coat and wash 10 marines for an upcoming army for 40k (The Vorpal Swords! look them up. they are pretty ace) AND throw down with a large pledge in the form of WARZONE!

That's right kiddies, I threw down at 'The Five" level with my bro AND managed to get a few others to throw in for their own as well, so expect a fairly large number of posts to come in June regarding that topic.

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