Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I Must Break You: Dragõe TAG

Time for a little Infinity Love. Recently my brother, in a spurt of wonderfulness, bought me the Dragões TAG for my Pan-O forces. This was a most welcome gift, and not just because it was free (though that helped! Thanks bro!)
First, it finally gave me a chance to build one of the humanoid styled TAGS from the infinity line. To date I had only build the Maghariba guard spiderbot thing, and it was exciting to work on such an awesome looking figure.
Secondly, I like building larger models. They may require a significant amount of pinning thanks to being large and metal (in the Dragões case, it required ALL OF THE PINS), but the joints are generally larger and easier to access, and allow for a much more satisfying final product.

Seriously, it's an awesome figure.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Escalating engagements

Here's what I've been up to:
The Road to War - Bolt Action Escalation Series

Starting mid March, Imperial Hobbies (Richmond B.C., Canada) will be hosting an escalation league for the Bolt Action 28mm wargame. Starting at  500 points for the month of March, each month will feature an increase of 250 points to bring players up to the tournament standard (1000 points) in May. Each event date will feature one of the possible scenarios from the rulebook. Finally, on May 25th there will be a 1000 point Tournament featuring the scenarios used during each of the event Sundays.

500 point Forces

March 16th
Scenario 1 "Envelopment"

March 30th
Scenario 2 "Maximum Attrition"

750 points Forces

April 6th
Scenario 3 "Point Defense"

April 20th
Scenario 4 "Hold Until Relieved"

1000 Points Forces

May 11th
Scenario 5 "Demolition"

May 25th

Tournament Rules:
  1. There is a $10 buy-in for tournament attendance. Payment will NOT be accepted after 12pm (noon), May 25th. No Late Entrants will be allowed.
  2.  Armies must be composed of no more than 1000 points and no more than 2 Reinforced Platoons, as described in the "Armies of" army books and the main rule book.
  3. Each list must be submitted no later than Friday May 23rd at 11:59pm.
  4. The Tournament will multi-round, swiss style with initial players matched up randomly and thereafter by ranking for each round.Matches will be scored by Win/Loss/Draw as well as Victory Points (as determined by the scenario) and Combat Points (each destroyed unit is counted for it's requisition points by the opponent). 
  5. There Will be Prizes for 1st and 2nd place as determined by ranking and points. 
  6. There will be Prizes for Best Sportsman and Best Painted as determined by the players. 
  7. Players must bring 2 identical Copies of their Army List to the tournament (one for themselves and one for their opponent). This must be the same List submitted to the Tournament Organizer.
  8. Each Table will feature a list of the terrain in use and what effect it has on the game (if any). The
  9. Terrain on each table may NOT be moved in between each match, nor during the match.
  10. After each match player must fill out the Match score sheet provided.

As you can see, Busy Busy Busy.
Until next time,
Bean out~

Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Deserve Victory!

Welcome back to the third part of my little rant about games. Last time I complained extensively about what I don't like in minigaming and why it's awful. Today, I want to talk about what I like and what works.To cover my previous points, I stated that I play these games mostly because I like competition and painting models. I play because I like to challenge others to prove who is better at the game in a fair and even match between two knowledgeable and comradely sportsmanly fellows. Mano-ey-Mano as it were.

I also spoke at great length about how, on a fundamental level, many games, including the "Big Two" (Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes) CANNOT be fair, just and equal due to issues in their core system.

Today I want to talk about two systems that, despite some niggling issues, have a solidly built core system that lends itself to a fair and even game that ALLOWS for equality of play regardless of a persons play style: Bolt Action by Warlord Games, and Infinity by Corvis Belli.

*Disclaimer: I do not receive money or free stuff from any company and this is all based on pure opinion. Yes I am a member of the Sarge program for BA, but I asked to join the program, I was not asked by them, based on how much I enjoy the game. That being said, if either games company wants to give me free stuff, I'm more than happy to accept it. I LOOOOOOOVE free stuff.*

Thursday, 20 February 2014

On games systems and poor design

Listen up you primitive screw-heads

Last time, I talked about why I enjoy minigaming and the whys and hows of what makes a game work. Now to discuss whats awful in gaming today and he two biggest games that fail:

Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes.

That first one will shock many who know me, the second one shocked even myself.

When I play a miniature game, when I set out to combat another player, I (rightfully, I feel...) except 2 things:
  1. The game will be played in good sportmanship
  2. The game will be even and fair
 That's it.Let the dice fall where they may, win or lose, but I expect those two things to be true.
With Warhammer 40k and Warmahordes, I CANNOT expect those two things to be true. Both games are inherently broken by the rules system they use, which is an effect created by the companies that make them. The fault sits heavily upon Privateer Press and GW (always the curb-stomped dead horse).
Allow me to explain.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The good, the bad, and the arduous

Bow down! I need a soapbox to stand on and you just volunteered!
I was recently asked a question which, once I had a chance to reflect upon it, occurred to me to be a very poignant, and frankly difficult question to answer.
I like miniature games. I figure that is obvious to people reading this blog. I also assume that which games I like (Bolt Action, Infinity), are also obvious. But I don't think I've properly explains the why of my love of these games. To do this properly, I believe I should explain the why of what I like in miniature gaming... and what I specifically DO NOT like about many games. I think this will explain why I have not ended up writing all that much about a certain game that two of the other writers for this blog are pretty in love with (Warmachine/Hordes).

I play miniature games for a variety of reasons, the primary of which boils down to 4 reasons:

  1. I enjoy collecting things
  2. I enjoy painting and building models
  3. I enjoy being social and teaching things to people
  4. I enjoy competition

Monday, 3 February 2014

An Explanation and a Theory

To begin with you should all know that I'm not ignoring this little blog, despite the fact that I've been posting less and less and letting it fade into the background. No more excuses, these are the full, unfiltered reasons which are few but pertinent.
1. I've been super busy. For those that know me personally, this sounds a little silly as I am unemployed (due to medical reasons, not laziness. Though I admit I've had a lot of time to work on my xbox score...), but it's not an incorrect statement. Between Physio-therapy, doctors visits, meetings with governmental departments (which take up a full day AT LEAST), volunteering my time to teaching others, playing Xbox (and Payday 2, and Mechwarrior Online, and Neverwinter, and WoT....I likes me some video games) with my mates, my GF, and my brother, AND having a whole slew of painting projects, AND AND trying to get fit to work again, I don't have a whole lot of time to write articles for this blog.
2. Lack of support. I do this pretty much by myself. I've attempted to get others involve, but to be honest, they don't have time, or care, or whatever, to help put up articles on time, which leaves me with a work load I can't support any more.
3. Lack of game time. Barring a pseudo-weekly Sunday night roleplaying session with my chums,  don't get to play games much. You all don't want a play by play of our sessions as they are mostly about us all laughing and making asses of ourselves (as evidenced by my Star Wars character gungan gunslinger known as Gunga-Dan..... yeah.... we laughed. A LOT). If I'm lucky A friend will show up once a month and we'll play some mini games which are infinitely more exciting from a blogging point of view, or sit-in and paint. Usually it's my buddy Harry, or, on the ultra-rare occasion it'll be Richard. on those occasions you'll see content on here.

When I started this blog, it was out of boredom. I was living in the middle of nowhere, an hours drive from the nearest store or person. When you don't drive, that's very far away. When you are dealing with mobility issues due to an accident and can't really walk, that's even further away. Hence, I found myself with a LOT of spare time. I don't have that any more, and there is, realistically, every chance that I'll just one day stop posting on here. If the others post, that's neat, but it's also doubtful. Such is life.

So there you go. The full, unabridged reasons why posting has dried up. Hopefully it'll pic up, but I guarantee nothing (especially if I get this job I'm waiting on...).
'Nuff Said.

in other news, I've posited a Theory to my friends, and the more I think about it, the more it seems to ring true. My theory is simple and is as such.

The Future is made of Hexagons.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Proof I'm still here

OI've been quiet on the posting front lately, I know, but that mostly comes from health issues. It is what it is.
But I have not been inactive! I've been running many (MANY!) demos for a few games (Bolt Action and Infinity for the most part), been asked to become the official WarCor for multiple store (infinity event coordinator), continue in my Satge role for my FLGS, and I've been building more terrain, painting, and playing a boatload of Warhammer Quest (I finally found a GW game my girlfriend likes!!).
Lastly I've been dragged back into warhammer fantasy.
Busy busy busy.
So what do I have to show for it?
Ummm.... Not too much. Except this (I sculpted armour and weaponry on a stock Mon Calamari model for the Star Wars rpg I'm playing in):

He's super fat and awesome. I'm happy with it. The paint job was a bit of a rush (laying down and done in just over an hour....), but it's tabletop passable. It also allowed me to test out a white paint scheme in prep for a large white armoured army I have to paint (thanks for your patience Hojo! It'll be done soon(ish!) I swear!).

Until next time,
Being busy is not an excuse.
Bean out~
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