Friday, 7 November 2014

Little painted peoples

Nothing much on the homefront. Been painting away and playing with my new Infinity models.
So here are a couple models recently finished that have nothing to do with that!
(A thief model from Reaper (Shadowslip) and a small Hill Giant model from who knows where...).

bean out~

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top Secret

BA Battle Report

So, just yesterday I had the chance to play a game of Bolt Action with a buddy before physio. We decided to take some pictures and well... Here it is~

1000 point Army lists to come soon (hopefully)

Turn 1, various units come onto the board. Nazi's have issues bringing units onto the board (panzer, HQ, flak 38 and a heer squad do not make it on, American HQ and bazooka mounted jeeps fail to make it)
Turn 2, Americas move up, failing to cause more than a single pin in damage. Germans reply with a sniper kill on a unit, everything comes on board
Turn 3, american air support fails to materialize while german artillery lays out a ton of pins and annihilates the American HQ JEEP leaving the team with 4 pins. The greyhound moves up and drops the German sniper team with accurate MMG and light AT fire. The panzer fires at the greyhound but it recces away leaving a nearby infantry squad to get hosed with MMG Fire and loosing a man.The Germans advance while the Americans are forced to take cover (go down).
Turn 4, the American air support materializes laying down a few pins and wiping out the German Waffen SS squad. The flak 38 opens up on the american infantry squad taking refuge amongst the dragons teeth but misses. The hellcat advances and opens up on the panzer and flak 38, ricocheting it's AT shot but managing to kill a crew member from the flak gun. The panzer misses it's shots.
The greyhound moves forward missing the panzer but managing to cause a pin and killing the adjutant in the the German LT. Squad. The German and American infantry advance.
Turn 5, the panzer fires away to no avail while the grey hound rushes up putting pins on the german MMG and making another crew kill on the flak 38. Next the hellcat moves up setting fire to the panzer with its heavy AT and putting yet another pin onto the flak 38 with its HMG.  The greyhound then flees (recce) away from a German heer infantry assault. They take control of the objective but the greyhound remains alive.
The German MMG and FLAK opens fire on the besieged american infantry squad killing one. Once more they go down (failed rally check). The American engineers move forward causing 3 kills, including the SGT of the veteran heer squad claiming the objective.
Meanwhile the German Forward observer snipes a member of an American infantry squad.
Turn 6, the objective is piggy backed to a rear squad while the unit fires on the advancing engineers killing 4 of the 5, leaving the flamethrower to avenge their deaths with FIRE! (Killing 2). Miraculously the heer stay on the board! (Moral roll of two ones!).
The hellcat managed to only stun the panzer and place a further pin on the flak 38. The greyhound crushes a unit of heer but the other escapes it's wrath. The jeep moves up depositing the bazooka team within reach of the panzer who promptly miss. The German artillery observer moves forward and kills the bazooka team like a boss.

Turn 7!
The second American air support finally comes in, wiping the panzer off the board and placing pins all about. The greyhound finishes off the Flak 38 and the artillery observer. And with that the game ends in.... A DRAW!
(The side that carries the objective market off their table edge wins the game. Otherwise the result is a draw.)
as Always, 
Comments and Criticisms welcome.
Bean out~

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Come Fly With Me

I know I've been quiet for the last while, and things will probably remain that way for a while yet, but just to show a teensy bit of an update, here's my latest project:

A P-47 Thunderbolt for use with the optional warplane rules for Bolt Action

It's not quite complete yet as I still need to finish weathering it and then seal it, but it's 90% complete.I tried a new formula for laying down decals and I must say that it's worked perfectly: Gloss Varnish before the microset/sol decal solutions. It's wonderful when you can't see the silvery sheen of a decal on a model.

Until next time,
Keep trying new things.

Bean out~

Friday, 8 August 2014


Wow. It's been a while eh? I've been Busy busy busy, I tell ya.

I'd make excuses but I don't have any. What I have instead is NEWS. This NEWS may or may not be a cheap version of an excuse with a different title. (it is!).

first things first:
I'm engaged!

Yep, I pulled the trigger. and better yet, she, despite all odds and evidence that it was a terrible idea, said YES. So yeah, that right there is a major part of why I haven't been posting. Lots of planning and such. Vegas Weddings (we're not eloping!) seem to take a bit of doing.

Secondly, I have been GAMING!

Infinity, Warhammer 40k, Bolt Action. I have been gaming a lot in recent months. And that's just the mini gaming. If you remember (provided you actually read this before now) I'm a member of the Sarge! program for Warlord games and thusly I've been running quite a few games since I got started on that this past November. At least one game every other week. My Americans are getting consistently ass-wooped each time I throw down, which, I'll admit, is WONDERFUL. I often don't loose in mini-games and it's great. It's really brought me back into the fold of gaming and I'm slowly regaining my old skill. I'm currently 12Wins-4Ties-16Losses with my army and I have reinforcements on the way in. This makes me happy.
Infinity wise, I've been playing against a few buddies and I've been pretty consistent with my wins/losses. Against all but one, I'm a winner. Against Evil... well.... I'm 3 losses, 2 ties and a single win. Accursed Yu-Jing (chinese sectorial) and their mass MSV. To be fair, he only really plays against me so he's tooled his army to take down my poor ol' Ariadna and it's mass camouflage. Due to this I am now, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, working on my Pan-O in an attempt to actually use technology and all the neat toys the game has (I WANT MULTISPECTRAL VISORS TOO, GORRAM IT!).
It also doesn't hurt that I got in on the pre-order for the Operation: Ice Storm box, and that my girlfriend FIANCE now plays Nomads.
As for 40k, I've been working on... GASP, a SPESS MAREEN army. This is a big deal for me as, in the 22 years I've been playing 40k, I have never, ever played space marines, or at least no the good ones (I loves me some Chaos marines...). As a result I am creating my own Chapter, because of course I am, called the Conquerors. It is 100% lovingly ripped off from Robert E. Howard's seminal work, CONAN, and is therefor AWESOME. I'm sure, in some following posts somewhere, sometime, I'll detail what I've done and go through the creation of my chapter.

Due to all of this Mini-Gaming, I've also been PAINTING. (le gasp!)
Mostly, I have been painting Bolt Action (lots of Germans for Maqy.... friggin germans...) with a little work on my 40k. My Infinity models have only been primed, though I've added some to their numbers (Isobel McGregor from the Dark Mist pack, some Yuan-Yuan drop troops, an S.A.S. specialist, and a few others for my Ariadna), and they are on my current "To-Do" paint table. In regards to my Spess Muhreens, I've constructed about 1800 points so far, and have them at various levels of primed as I haven't decided on a colour scheme just yet. Probably something black and red as, unless the upcoming Space Wolves codex is awesome (omg... ROCKET CHARIOTS!!! and BABY THUNDERHAWKS!!!!!), I'll be using the Iron Hands Chapter Tactics (6+ feel no pain, It Will Not Die on characters and Vehicles) because it's wonderful fun.

Tomorrow, I even have my first 7th edition game lined up at 1000 points against my buddy Harris and his Blood-Wolves Marines (He pretty much uses Blood Angels and Space Wolves. Werewolves and Vampires.... Can you tell he's a Horror fiction writer? He's actually a published writer, with a few novels up on Amazon. All include Vampires. The man loves him some Vampires.), so that'll be good times. If I can wrangle the Fiance into taking pics, I'll maybe even put a Battle report up here.

And then there is the 2nd Edition AD&D campaign I've been running and the Legend of five Rings campaign I've been playing in, and the OTHER group that... well... they play RPGS... though in the 5 months I've been playing they have changed games 7 times. Apparently this is par for the course with them. ugh...

On Top of ALL OF THIS, I'm also in talks to open up a business in the upcoming year, and still going through Physio (physio two times a week, kinesthesiology once a week and acupuncture once a week), so Yeah, there you have all my reasons for being Busy Busy Busy and not posting here.

As things are not exactly slowing down, but I AM becoming used to the new pace, I'll hopefully be posting a little more regularly... or at least not with 5 months in between posts.

until next time,
SPACE MARINES (in 1000 point bites)

Bean out~

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I Must Break You: Dragõe TAG

Time for a little Infinity Love. Recently my brother, in a spurt of wonderfulness, bought me the Dragões TAG for my Pan-O forces. This was a most welcome gift, and not just because it was free (though that helped! Thanks bro!)
First, it finally gave me a chance to build one of the humanoid styled TAGS from the infinity line. To date I had only build the Maghariba guard spiderbot thing, and it was exciting to work on such an awesome looking figure.
Secondly, I like building larger models. They may require a significant amount of pinning thanks to being large and metal (in the Dragões case, it required ALL OF THE PINS), but the joints are generally larger and easier to access, and allow for a much more satisfying final product.

Seriously, it's an awesome figure.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Escalating engagements

Here's what I've been up to:
The Road to War - Bolt Action Escalation Series

Starting mid March, Imperial Hobbies (Richmond B.C., Canada) will be hosting an escalation league for the Bolt Action 28mm wargame. Starting at  500 points for the month of March, each month will feature an increase of 250 points to bring players up to the tournament standard (1000 points) in May. Each event date will feature one of the possible scenarios from the rulebook. Finally, on May 25th there will be a 1000 point Tournament featuring the scenarios used during each of the event Sundays.

500 point Forces

March 16th
Scenario 1 "Envelopment"

March 30th
Scenario 2 "Maximum Attrition"

750 points Forces

April 6th
Scenario 3 "Point Defense"

April 20th
Scenario 4 "Hold Until Relieved"

1000 Points Forces

May 11th
Scenario 5 "Demolition"

May 25th

Tournament Rules:
  1. There is a $10 buy-in for tournament attendance. Payment will NOT be accepted after 12pm (noon), May 25th. No Late Entrants will be allowed.
  2.  Armies must be composed of no more than 1000 points and no more than 2 Reinforced Platoons, as described in the "Armies of" army books and the main rule book.
  3. Each list must be submitted no later than Friday May 23rd at 11:59pm.
  4. The Tournament will multi-round, swiss style with initial players matched up randomly and thereafter by ranking for each round.Matches will be scored by Win/Loss/Draw as well as Victory Points (as determined by the scenario) and Combat Points (each destroyed unit is counted for it's requisition points by the opponent). 
  5. There Will be Prizes for 1st and 2nd place as determined by ranking and points. 
  6. There will be Prizes for Best Sportsman and Best Painted as determined by the players. 
  7. Players must bring 2 identical Copies of their Army List to the tournament (one for themselves and one for their opponent). This must be the same List submitted to the Tournament Organizer.
  8. Each Table will feature a list of the terrain in use and what effect it has on the game (if any). The
  9. Terrain on each table may NOT be moved in between each match, nor during the match.
  10. After each match player must fill out the Match score sheet provided.

As you can see, Busy Busy Busy.
Until next time,
Bean out~

Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Deserve Victory!

Welcome back to the third part of my little rant about games. Last time I complained extensively about what I don't like in minigaming and why it's awful. Today, I want to talk about what I like and what works.To cover my previous points, I stated that I play these games mostly because I like competition and painting models. I play because I like to challenge others to prove who is better at the game in a fair and even match between two knowledgeable and comradely sportsmanly fellows. Mano-ey-Mano as it were.

I also spoke at great length about how, on a fundamental level, many games, including the "Big Two" (Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes) CANNOT be fair, just and equal due to issues in their core system.

Today I want to talk about two systems that, despite some niggling issues, have a solidly built core system that lends itself to a fair and even game that ALLOWS for equality of play regardless of a persons play style: Bolt Action by Warlord Games, and Infinity by Corvis Belli.

*Disclaimer: I do not receive money or free stuff from any company and this is all based on pure opinion. Yes I am a member of the Sarge program for BA, but I asked to join the program, I was not asked by them, based on how much I enjoy the game. That being said, if either games company wants to give me free stuff, I'm more than happy to accept it. I LOOOOOOOVE free stuff.*

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