Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I Must Break You: Dragõe TAG

Time for a little Infinity Love. Recently my brother, in a spurt of wonderfulness, bought me the Dragões TAG for my Pan-O forces. This was a most welcome gift, and not just because it was free (though that helped! Thanks bro!)
First, it finally gave me a chance to build one of the humanoid styled TAGS from the infinity line. To date I had only build the Maghariba guard spiderbot thing, and it was exciting to work on such an awesome looking figure.
Secondly, I like building larger models. They may require a significant amount of pinning thanks to being large and metal (in the Dragões case, it required ALL OF THE PINS), but the joints are generally larger and easier to access, and allow for a much more satisfying final product.

Seriously, it's an awesome figure.

While building it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite being in a large umber of pieces, ALL pieces were very well detailed. The entire under structure, including parts that will be covered up once all of the armour plating is added, is hyper-detailed with cabling, sockets and various other details displayed. It's simply an awesome figure. This does mean that I'll need to paint it in pieces, but I really do not mind. Check it out for yourself:

Obviously, I have primed it the same colour as my other Pan-o (Wolf Grey Army Builder spray). This is the model without the armour plating added. It's wonderful.
Now I just need to paint it, paint the plating, add the plating to the unit, and base it up in a style deserving of the awesome figure!

But not today, I've got a buddy coming over for a game or three.
Time to set the table.
Bean out~

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  1. Infinity has some gorgeous miniatures. Sure, some of them haven't aged well, but they still stand a head and shoulder above most of their peers in terms of quality. I would love to see this model in a completed form!


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