Friday, 7 March 2014

Escalating engagements

Here's what I've been up to:
The Road to War - Bolt Action Escalation Series

Starting mid March, Imperial Hobbies (Richmond B.C., Canada) will be hosting an escalation league for the Bolt Action 28mm wargame. Starting at  500 points for the month of March, each month will feature an increase of 250 points to bring players up to the tournament standard (1000 points) in May. Each event date will feature one of the possible scenarios from the rulebook. Finally, on May 25th there will be a 1000 point Tournament featuring the scenarios used during each of the event Sundays.

500 point Forces

March 16th
Scenario 1 "Envelopment"

March 30th
Scenario 2 "Maximum Attrition"

750 points Forces

April 6th
Scenario 3 "Point Defense"

April 20th
Scenario 4 "Hold Until Relieved"

1000 Points Forces

May 11th
Scenario 5 "Demolition"

May 25th

Tournament Rules:
  1. There is a $10 buy-in for tournament attendance. Payment will NOT be accepted after 12pm (noon), May 25th. No Late Entrants will be allowed.
  2.  Armies must be composed of no more than 1000 points and no more than 2 Reinforced Platoons, as described in the "Armies of" army books and the main rule book.
  3. Each list must be submitted no later than Friday May 23rd at 11:59pm.
  4. The Tournament will multi-round, swiss style with initial players matched up randomly and thereafter by ranking for each round.Matches will be scored by Win/Loss/Draw as well as Victory Points (as determined by the scenario) and Combat Points (each destroyed unit is counted for it's requisition points by the opponent). 
  5. There Will be Prizes for 1st and 2nd place as determined by ranking and points. 
  6. There will be Prizes for Best Sportsman and Best Painted as determined by the players. 
  7. Players must bring 2 identical Copies of their Army List to the tournament (one for themselves and one for their opponent). This must be the same List submitted to the Tournament Organizer.
  8. Each Table will feature a list of the terrain in use and what effect it has on the game (if any). The
  9. Terrain on each table may NOT be moved in between each match, nor during the match.
  10. After each match player must fill out the Match score sheet provided.

As you can see, Busy Busy Busy.
Until next time,
Bean out~

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