Thursday, 28 February 2013

So... This Exists.

Awesome Things

I was cruising about the interwebs and found this about the primarchs. It is hilarious and incredibly accurate in its claims too. Job well done Absurdfact.
Give it a read!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Warzone Resurrection


And we're back!
And what a lovely gift to come back to! It seems that the makers of Warzone: Resurrection (who's wickedly wonderful kickstarter is doing smashingly!) have found it in their hearts to release the beta of their game systems ruleset for FREE ONLINE via their facebook page. This makes bean a happy happy monkey.

Thusly, todays update is rather short as I'm planning on spending my day ingesting the ruleset and plan on coming back with my thoughts on it post haste!

So until next time,
Download these hot little piggies (yes the "free" and "online" links are different. one is to the rules, the other to the cards used for the game!)
Bean out~

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Off again

Interruption of Service

Yup, I'm off being awesome again (helping my brother with wedding plans, visiting the GF, planning a house move, etc etc) and will be gone all week. Things should be back to normal again next week. See you then
Bean out~

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Madness? no... THIS IS GW!

Crowd Control

As many of you have probably read somewhere about the interwebs, GW has made something of a name for themselves over the years as
And I enjoy bashing GW as much as the next person (though my reasons are a little more personal than "They cost too much waah waah waah"), but the truth is, as a whole, GW is a pretty great company. They make some of the prettiest, and down-right funnest models to build on the market, and continue to not only create truely awe inspiring models such as the new slaughterbrute and the new flyer models, but continue to be the fore-runners in the innovation game when it comes to moving the whole sculpting and manufacturing field of miniature making into the future. They truly are the leading edge in moving the hobby forward. I believe, without any doubt, that if it wasn't for GW 99% of what we have today as hobbyists and wargamers WOULD NOT EXIST.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rogue Trooper?


We-he-he-hellllll Look at this. Something awesome this way (potentially) comes. The peeps over at Tabletop Fix via a user on the Reaper minis message boards have founds a doozy of a Kickstarter to throwdown behind. The problem is, It's just a draft.. meaning it might not become a "thing". But let us all hope. (Edit: Since writing this a week ago, the Kickstarter has gone LIVE!)
Being a big Post-Apocalyptic fan as well as a AD 2000 fan, this type of thing really turns my crank.
As I said, Let us all hope.

Mongoose Publishing
Reaper Forums

Until next time,
Bean out~

Saturday, 9 February 2013

well HMMMMMmmmmm....

Awesome Things

Naturally, I spend a LOT of time perusing the interwebs, and every once in a while I stumble upon some article or another that goes on at length about how "GW's Prices are too high blah blah blah blah" and the article in question never goes into depths beyond the writers personal bias/vendetta/kanly against GW's pricing.
To this end, even more rarely I come across an article that goes that extra half-mile and goes deep into the details about such a gripe as well as comparing what's what in different areas in a thoughtful and cohesive measure.

THIS is one of those articles:

Suffice to say it's an interesting article and I encourage you all to read it and, most importantly, to DISCUSS the subject matter (no matter which side of the yes/no line you are on).

Until next time,
Bean out~

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Paradisio Campaign


I took the plunge
Not so long ago I got my filthy little pig-paws on my very own copy of the newest Infinity book Paradisio Campaign. Not gonna lie, It's all kinds of fantastic. The new units, though sparse in number for most factions (barring Aleph and Tohaa) are all solid. The introduction of a new faction, the earlier mentioned Tohaa were a surprise for the community when the book hit shelves, as Corvus Belli kept them all on the down low until their big reveal. From a casual skim of the new factions rules and units, they look all kinds of hardcore, being, in the main, the anti-combined army faction... which brings a certain slippery slope, rules wise, to the game which I'll mention in a moment.

New weapon types bring even more variety to the game (never a bad thing), and the new rules seem to move the game in a more platoon level direction. Specifically the HARIS skill:

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Ressurection

Awesome Things

Apparently something awesome has crept up under everyones radar and is about to make a big splashdown from the orbit of planet F***ING AWESOME.


Many of you will remember that I am a huge fan of this game and am still actively painting models for it. This new development makes ol' Bean happy in his inside parts as it means new rules updates, new people to play against and NEW FREAKING MODELS!


I am pleased.

Prodos Games Website

Until next time,
Bean out~

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Building little Chairs by RubbishInRubbishOut

Awesome Things

So I was cruising about youTube looking up useful terrain doohickies when I stumbled upon the video above by RubbishInRubbishOut. It's so simple... and yet never in a million jillion years would I EVER have thought of doing this.

Just one more example that we live in the golden age of gaming.

Bean out~
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