Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top Secret

BA Battle Report

So, just yesterday I had the chance to play a game of Bolt Action with a buddy before physio. We decided to take some pictures and well... Here it is~

1000 point Army lists to come soon (hopefully)

Turn 1, various units come onto the board. Nazi's have issues bringing units onto the board (panzer, HQ, flak 38 and a heer squad do not make it on, American HQ and bazooka mounted jeeps fail to make it)
Turn 2, Americas move up, failing to cause more than a single pin in damage. Germans reply with a sniper kill on a unit, everything comes on board
Turn 3, american air support fails to materialize while german artillery lays out a ton of pins and annihilates the American HQ JEEP leaving the team with 4 pins. The greyhound moves up and drops the German sniper team with accurate MMG and light AT fire. The panzer fires at the greyhound but it recces away leaving a nearby infantry squad to get hosed with MMG Fire and loosing a man.The Germans advance while the Americans are forced to take cover (go down).
Turn 4, the American air support materializes laying down a few pins and wiping out the German Waffen SS squad. The flak 38 opens up on the american infantry squad taking refuge amongst the dragons teeth but misses. The hellcat advances and opens up on the panzer and flak 38, ricocheting it's AT shot but managing to kill a crew member from the flak gun. The panzer misses it's shots.
The greyhound moves forward missing the panzer but managing to cause a pin and killing the adjutant in the the German LT. Squad. The German and American infantry advance.
Turn 5, the panzer fires away to no avail while the grey hound rushes up putting pins on the german MMG and making another crew kill on the flak 38. Next the hellcat moves up setting fire to the panzer with its heavy AT and putting yet another pin onto the flak 38 with its HMG.  The greyhound then flees (recce) away from a German heer infantry assault. They take control of the objective but the greyhound remains alive.
The German MMG and FLAK opens fire on the besieged american infantry squad killing one. Once more they go down (failed rally check). The American engineers move forward causing 3 kills, including the SGT of the veteran heer squad claiming the objective.
Meanwhile the German Forward observer snipes a member of an American infantry squad.
Turn 6, the objective is piggy backed to a rear squad while the unit fires on the advancing engineers killing 4 of the 5, leaving the flamethrower to avenge their deaths with FIRE! (Killing 2). Miraculously the heer stay on the board! (Moral roll of two ones!).
The hellcat managed to only stun the panzer and place a further pin on the flak 38. The greyhound crushes a unit of heer but the other escapes it's wrath. The jeep moves up depositing the bazooka team within reach of the panzer who promptly miss. The German artillery observer moves forward and kills the bazooka team like a boss.

Turn 7!
The second American air support finally comes in, wiping the panzer off the board and placing pins all about. The greyhound finishes off the Flak 38 and the artillery observer. And with that the game ends in.... A DRAW!
(The side that carries the objective market off their table edge wins the game. Otherwise the result is a draw.)
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