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Wow. What can I say, As of tomorrow, this blog is one whole year old. I'm actually kind of impressed. I started it as a little side project to see if I could do it and because a large number of people I know asked me to do something like this. Here we are, a year later and I'm still writing (intermittently admittedly, but I am!). In the last year I've learned quit a few things, amongst them how surprisingly difficult it can be to write posts regularly! But I'm still keeping at it.
But seeing as we're a whole year into this project and my life has changed drastically, Two massive changes are in order:

First: I'm dropping Saturday updates.
Sucks, I know, but while traffic is up on the weekends, Saturday posts tend not to be large attention grabbers. Also, I honestly don't have the time to write 3 times a week for the forsee-able future. Thusly, no more Saturday posts.

Second: I'm looking for more contributors to the the blog. Maqy is wicked busy most of the time (Due to running a rather substantial business on the other side of the world), as is Richard (due to... marriage? and other responsibilities).

Therefor I put forth the following:
Depending on how many entries I do (or don't....) receive I'll put up a vote on here to see what you people all think. The winner(s?) will become the new contributor(s?) and potentially open up Saturdays (or another day if preferred) as a posting day once more!

So how do I enter Mr.Man? (Glad you asked Mr.Strawman)
If you believe you have the chops to write a WEEKLY column on this here blog, submit to me a short explanation of why you think you should get the golden ticket AND an example of what type of column you'd like to write.

That's great and all but where do I send my perfectly formulated and amazingly articulated piece of literary magic to? (Mr.Strawman! that was well phrased!)
Simply email me your entry at:
firebean at hotmail dot com

What's the Deadline? 
May 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy!

So get those entries in and lets make some magic!

Until next time,
Happy (blog) Birthday to me, happy (blog) birthday to me~
Bean out~

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