Tuesday, 9 October 2012

An Amazing Discovery for the Fantasy crowd

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I am a criminal MASTERMIND!!!

So I was perusing my favorite blogs and came across a link to another blog (surprise surprise) that was filled with the most glorious "old-school" miniatures. As many of you know I am a big fan of rogue-trader era models. I love old minis. So whilst perusing this Awesome new blog I happened across a wonderful tutorial on making replacement shields for fantasy miniatures. It's simple to follow and most importantly, DIRT CHEAP. So now I'm passing that along to you all.

Note: The following is stolen completely from Kings Miniatures and you should all go and have a look. Seriously it's a wonderful blog.

"I have been looking around at the selection of shields available on the net, and have not really been very excited by the options.  Its on my list of Bederken must-do products (its a big list), but for now I have a bunch of minis needing something to cover up their ugly bumps.  I mean the ones on their wrists.  You know.   Where the shields are supposed to go.

Got a great solution today.  Thumb tacks plus copper washers.  Allow me to illustrate.

Shields.  5 bucks for frikkin hundreds
A dab of superglue, a quick snip and I have a perfect greek style shield just begging to be painted with funky retro iconography.  The nice thing about these is they automatically come complete with a pin to firmly attach them onto the shield boss.  All I need to do is drill a small hole and I have the most firmly attached shield you could possibly wish for!

Oh, and of course I have the means to make hundreds for a few bucks.

This works really well for my Macdeath Skirmish project as these shields exactly match the artwork for the Knights of Harkness shields!  Bingo."

See!! Simple! Easy! CHEAP! It's wonderful. I've done it myself and it works fantastically.

Until next time,
Imitation is the fondest form of flattery.
Bean out~

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