Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Time to get off the beaches


I went down to  check the mail the other day when I had one of those oh-so-lovely Postal Notices awaiting me. After a quick jaunt down to the post office I was given a wonderful package which I sped home to open:
What could it be???!!!

 Inside was my Demo Kit from Warlord games for Bolt Action!!!
*Much happy dancing ensued.*
insert epic music here

Included inside is:
  • The hardcover rule book (no bullshit halfsize books in this set! *cough cough* GW *cough cough*
  • Sprues to make:
  1.  20 American Soldiers 
  2. 20 German soldier
  • a ruined farm house kit
  • 8 action dice (4 American, 4 German)
  • and a variety of inserts (bits/sprue guide for the US, same for the Germans, suggestions on building your forces and a "welcome to the game" pamphlet)
Not bad for a $92 CAD box eh? If you were to buy this individually, it would cost upwards of $160 (the farmhouse is $35, each box of infantry is $40, the book is $35, the dice are $17).

In review of the models, I will say this: Warlord games makes some nice plastics. 
  • there is little flashing on the bits
  • the mould lines are in easy to access areas and do not obscure details (this is really nice compared to many other companies plastics). In fact, many of the mould-lines run into and along natural lines in the model like, for example, the wedding on a helmet, or the the creases/folds on trousers.This was VERY nice to deal with
  • Lots of spares and options
  • A high degree of detail
  • The plastic used is rather hard and can snap in bad place (amidst the middle of a rifle, for example)
  • As the models are a hybrid of true scale and heroic scale (weapons and gear are true, heads are heroic), some pieces are pretty small and kind of fiddly.
  • There are not enough M1 Garands to equip all of your Americans with them. This makes me sad as I didn't want to equip any but snipers or select others with the Springfields... But that's a niggling personal issue. Such is life!
All in all, I would rate these models a 7.5 out of 10, on par with GW plastics!
As for the Kit, a 9 out of 10 (it looses a point for only including 4 orders dice per side instead of 5.... as that allows people to add a unit to their sets for each side... like a tank *cough cough*, and not have to bodge up an additional dice.

A TRUE WINNER! Good job Warlord!

Until next time,
GET OFF THE BEACHES (and play some games!)
Bean out~

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