Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Questing for Heroes

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All is right in this world
Something Amazing has come up in this world. Something I hadn't thought would ever happen. Allow me to unveil this something, all in thanks to a company called GameZone:

Some of you (those who haven't read this blog from the beginning... tsk tsk!) will ask what this is and why it's important. Simply put, This game is what started me and my brother upon the road of miniature gaming. Our gateway drug, if you will. Once upon a time, a then small company met with Milton Bradley games (owners of Monopoly and about a billion other boardgames) and created a simple, fast paced RPG-styled board game that utilized simple plastic figures, styled after typical D&D archetypes (Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard) that would combat their way through various locals set up by the evil Mentor/GM to save a fledgling Empire from destruction. But this starting company was not TSR (then makers of Dungeons and Dragons). No no! this company was a brilliant company that, having taken advantage of these typical fantasy Archetypes had created their own world and set this game within it. This little company was called Citadel games.

You may recognize that company as GAMES WORKSHOP.

That's right, GW teamed up with the largest board games company in the world to create a Warhammer boardgame using GW-made fanatasy miniatures. It was AWESOME. This team up would also eventually lead to other games such as BattleMasters and Space Crusade (a game that would eventually become Space Hulk).

I have many a memory of battling foul orcs and goblins room to room whilst secretly hoping there was not a Gargoyle (precursor to the Bloodthirster!) or Chaos Warrior guarding the next treasure room. My brother and I played the hell out of that game with our friends back in the day (early 90's). It was a major formative point in my life and lead to me not only moving on to such games as Warhammer 40k and fantasy, but into gaming in general... and to spend YEARS tracking down the two copies of the original game I possess.
Fast forward 20 years, and here we are with GameZone posting up a kickstarter to release a brand new, all awesome version of the game that started it all for me (and may others!)

Here it is.

Needless to say I am excited beyond words and will be spending any and all Xmas monies I get on it. It's very very exciting.

So come friends, let us pledge our support to a worthy cause such as this and see if, perhaps, this will peak GW's (amongst other companies) interest into investing once more into Gateway games such as this in an interest to introduce people once more to the worlds of imagination we once knew and loved, and maybe, just maybe, bring back some of that old spark for ourselves.

Due to some legal tomfoolery, the kickstarter is paused. Good news as it allows people to gather their resources and potentially pick this great item up after the busy xmas season.

Until next time,
Support your imagination.
Bean out~

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