Tuesday, 16 July 2013

On the Workbench: July 2013

On the Workbench

Here's What ol' Bean is working on right now:

 For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you'll notice I have a few things going at the moment. Another commission and some personal junk.

I'm still working on that Samurai commission as, to be honest, there is no hard time limit and I'm trying out a few different things on them (namely base-coat + Dip method... I'm pretty happy with the results actually). In addition I've had one of my mates over and we had a sit-down to paint today. The results, I feel, speak for themselves:
The amiable Ms.Wet Palette!

Mr.Harrison. A good man that one.

Ariadna Scout

Pre-painted cloak. Notice the tan-colour primer used. That's the Krylon Ultra-flat camouflage stuff.

 And that's the completed Ariadna scout (ostensibly). I just have to base him which will be left until I decide if I'm re-basing and (potentially) re-painting my Russian Ariadna forces. I tried out a new camouflage scheme on this guy based upon the WWII German Fallschirmj√§ger styles, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. On top of that, I also went with a blue tinted black leather on the leathers and equipment which ties the model in with my Merovingian (french) Ariadna forces. Now I've just to paint my two Irmandinos, Spec-ops/dozer proxy, Haqquislam Intel Ops-cum-Proxy Kaplan/Druze hacker, Tank buster w/ Autocannon, Paratrooper w/ AP HMG, and Go-go Marlene and I'm done my Ariadna force for the time being....
Alas I have roughly 30 Haqquislam models to paint for a friend, so that may take a while.
One step at a time bean, one step at a time.

Until next time,
Keep your brush wet.
Bean out~

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