Friday, 20 July 2012

The start of something beautiful

Saturday Potpourri

As you may have noticed, there has been a couple of additions to the Roll of the Dice recently, namely the addition of a pair of new contributors: Richard and Maqma.

Now that that is out of the way, I'll explain why this is so exciting. Firstly, this means (obviously) brings new blood to the blog, including their alternate insights into aspects of the hobby that I won't necessarily have. Secondly this brings their respective talents to the blog (Maqma has quite the skill in photography, sculpting and conversion, while Richard has a solid foundation in the rules of any game he plays and can pick them apart to create some very interesting results... as I'm sure you'll have noticed already... and has extensive skills in being both a GM and a player for RPGS), which will only help diversify the articles I(we) publish.
Lastly this also allows us to do some interesting things here at Roll of the Dice as well:
  • Build and Paint challenges
  • Battle Reports.
  • Vicious hand-to-hand battles (read: Dance-offs, West-Side story style)
    Pillow fights
  • and what have you. This is a most wonderful thing.

So with that I'd like to once again welcome these two to the Blog and all you readers keep an eye on the future...
You're in for a treat.

Till next time,

Bean out~


  1. Noooooo! Why you establish expectations!?! I haven't found time to do much of anything these past weeks, so it's probably unlikely I'll be posting anything (I'd like to say 'of interest', but it's more like, 'at all') anytime soon...

  2. 'cause I'm a terrible task master, a rabid asshat and the suffering of others brings me to 'attention'.
    Relaaaaaaax. I have no expectations for submitted material. Post when you want/need to, I have a few dozen articles in me still before I wander into the familiar territory of gripeing, Internet fighting, and 'durrr I have nothing to say anymore' posts so common to the blog-o-sphere.
    And honestly... How often am I at a loss for words?

  3. Right now, I'm either gonna end up writing something on making a vacuum former, or something on soldering LEDs, and I think maybe the whole LED thing is a bit overdone...

  4. Seeing I know how to solder, my vote goes to vacu-forming. But then that's just my vote... OR you could do both! ZOMG!

    ok I'll shut up and go back to my test-schemes. Curse you Marines!


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