Thursday, 30 August 2012

I couldn't have said it better myself...

Thursday Theories

As many of you will have gleaned, I'm a bit of a GW fanboy. I've been playing their various games for over 20 years now (god I'm getting old...) and really do love what they've put out. I've played every game they have put out in that timeframe, and bought into almost all of them, hell, I even have TWO copies of Heroquest and a copy of Battlerealms.. 'cause I'm crazy like that.
I've also bought every single copy of White dwarf since that fateful first issue I read (and in turn bought) when I was 10, looking about the local hoppy shop searching for batman toys.
That magnificent issue was WD Issue 193.

I collected and bought every issue since then.. right up until issue 321... then I found it got rather.... Iffy. The magazine I'd loved for so many years had changed, and not for the better. It had become all about the new releases, not the hobby. Gone was the whimsy and love poured into the pages by an awesome staff, replaced by a corporate shill pawning off the newest releases as the second coming of gaming. So I stopped buying it. I began to only pic it up if I wanted a model catalogue to look through while traveling.
Hell, when I was working FOR GW I gave my personal copies away to customers who spent over $100 in my store (easy to do, as anyone who buys GW product knows...).

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way... And reading the following article really brought this into stark focus for me.
I highly recommend giving this a read. It's fantastically written and well laid out. Give it a peruse. And tell me (and the author!) what you think.

The Dice Gods Are Hungry!: The Decline and Fall of the White Dwarf Empire

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  1. I miss the Bacon Butties...

  2. Have you ever had one of them? They are naaaaaasty.
    But fat bloke was the best editor.


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