Saturday, 15 December 2012

On the Workbench: Dec 15th

On the Workbench

Not much of an update today unfortunately. I've been hard at work getting prepped for Xmas, selling all my worldly possessions (aka: all my unused models) on ebay and making as much money as possible (aka:none) to cover upcoming trips to see family and friends over the holidays. So between that, setting up a new campaign I'm going to be running online for some friends (Cyberpunk!), and some painting commissions I'm working on, I've not had much time to get any personal hobby work done.

Thusly, you all will get the "On the Workbench" treatment today, also known as "I don't have anything new today" or "OH GOD WHY CAN'T I PAINT!!!!!".

So here we go!

So, the first of those pics is my precious little side project: A Rogue Trader era marine army. So far I have an Inquisitor, A Lieutenant, Medic, 2 Techmarines, a Thuddgun (counts as thunderfire cannon), 2 jetbikes, 4 bolter marines, 5 assault marines, a comm's marine, 8 old school scouts, and various other bits and bobs.
Vehicle wise, I have a Land Raider, 3 rhinos, 2 razorbacks, 2 whirlwinds, a vindicator, and 2 land speeders.
I plan on using my Squat (!!!!!) Exo armour models as terminators, Squat guild Bikes as bikers and assault bikes and to fill in a few other roles.
Plus my Mechanicum models (electro priest and tech priest)
Yes, all of these models are from the pre-90's.
Yes... I'm Insane.

The second picture (which, for no good damned reason won't turn!!! WHY U NO WORK??!!) is of a bunch of my old school necromunda models, and my huge commission I'm working on. 67 Samurai models. It took me a month to file and clean all those damned models. Granted I wasn't working too hard on them, a couple hours here, and hour there, but still... All said and told, probably 15 hours to clean them all. There were some pretty huge issues with some of the models and they needs filling, filing and, in the case of 3, re-sculpting of some bits. Thank goodness for a huge time-frame deadline (6-8 months).
I'm sure this painting burnout I've been suffering since mid-November isn't helping any either...

Anyways, that's what I'm working on at the moment.

Oh, and one more thing:
As It's the nearing the holidays, I'm going to be wicked busy for the forseeable future, so posting will, potentially, be rather sporadic until the second week of January. Just FYI.
You've been warned, so no complaints!

Until Next time,
Don't forget to see the Hobbit movie!
Bean out~

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