Thursday, 1 August 2013

Unleash the hounds….


I was recently at one of my LGS playing war machine/ hordes and I was asked why I was playing there and not at my other league? My answer was simple: I wanted to play against people of my level. My Tuesday night league is very competitive and the majority of the players are REALLY good. I’m not an overly competitive player and I need to get my bearings before I go to the next level.

That being said I played a friendly game a while ago, which was meant me to getting used to playing a warlock that haven’t seen much play time at all.

My list was the following:

Kromac the Ravenous

2x Feral Warp wolves

Shifting stones with UA

Blood trackers

Gatorman Witch doctor

This list is nothing more than a cannon swatting at flies. Kromac and the ferals run up the field and take apart anything that gets in their way. One feral turned an enemy heavy warjack to a wreck marker on the charge. The blood trackers take care of the all the light and medium infantry that try to flank the spear head. The gatorman witch doctor’s sole purpose in most of my games thus far is to give out tough and undead (that’s right he makes them into zombies!) The shifting stones with the unit attachment are there to tie up resources of my opponents, heal the beasts and if at all possible get the free shift past enemy models and obstacles.

I like this list and it appeals to me, I however need to play with this list more to get some of the kinks out of it. If you have any comments please feel to put them in the comment section below.

Keep the peace and be of good behavior…


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