Tuesday, 27 August 2013

She ain't pretty, but she's mine

Awesome Things
Hulk smash puny prison!
A little while back I showed you all how to make some quick and easy foamcore buildings. Well, with another few hours (8 total, between the first session and second), here is what I have so far.

Note: These pictures were taken in the final turn of a recent Infinity game I played with a friend, Pan-Oceania vs. Ariadna.

Thanks to the naming and various additions  to the buildings my GF has made (yes, she wrote the butts n' boobs building name), the terrain doesn't look half-bad. Next step, to make some large buildings, roads and chain link fencing (tutorial on those to come soon!).

Until next time,
may all your dice roll 1's (when facing me!)
Bean out~

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