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Fresh off the Workbench

Saturday Potpurri

Kirk is dubious about my merits....

So I know I've talked about being a painter, and how to run demo games and about wargaming in general, But I'm relatively sure that I havn't spoken at all about what games I actually (currently) play.

Well, the answer of course, is way too much.

Currently I play the following:

Warhammer Fantasy (I havn't actually played the new rules set... I read it, didn't like it. Still playing 7th ed.)
  1. Chaos Warriors       8000 points.  (includes a Chaos War Mammoth and lots and lots of Marauders...  I'm not a big fan of actual Chaos Warriors....)
  2. Dark Elves             3000 points  (All old school models. And lots and lots of Cher-witch elves!)

Warhammer 40,000 (the love of my modelling life for 20 years <3)
  1. Grey Knights       2500 points (My second Inquisition army. Sold one ages ago. Gave it another shot. May sell this one...)
  2. Space Marines     N/A (I have lots of bits and pieces, dozens of models, about 11 tanks... but I've never actually a Space Marine army. I'm currently planning a Pre-Heresy World Eaters Army using the blood angels codex... so i can use them as Loyalists AND Chaos... and then i have an excuse to make a support guard army of renegades... Yeah I may have problems...)

Necromunda (This is Actually my Favorite Miniature Game of all time.... but finding people to play is rather difficult...)
  1. Delaque (painted as Hydra agents from Marvel Comics... heh) 
  2. Adeptus Arbites

Infinity (my Mistress of wargaming... shhh.. don't tell 40k I'm cheating on her. She just hasn't put out in years...)
  1. Ariadna           285 points (I'm currently looking to add a LOT more to this)
  2. Pan-Oceania   350 points (this army just kind of appeared in my hands via trades and wierdness. All legal I assure you.)
I can't stop eyeing the Nomads.... I'm also relatively new to this game as I just started it this year

Can't stop.... need... MOARRRR!!!

And Not so Currently I also have the Following:

Warhammer Fantasy

  1. Chaos Daemons     1100 points  (left over's from 6th edition's ability to mix and match)
  2. Chaos Beastmen      500 points  (also left over from previous editions ability to mix and match)
  3. Empire                   2500 points  (Steam tanks and Dragons and Knights oh my!)
  4. Dwarves                1500 points  (I've sold about over 1000 points of this so far)

Warhammer 40,000
  1. Imperial Guard     2000 points (I've sold about 4000 points of it so far. I have waaay too much)
  2. Chaos                   4000 points (Alpha legion mostly... Can you tell I like the bad guys?)
  3. Orks                     3000 points (my First army.. and I'm going to start a new army probably!)


  1. Goliaths  (gorka-morka 'oomans)
  2. Escher
  3. Scavvies
  4. Redemptionists.
I'm currently looking for ALL of the original sculpt models for this range. All the stuff from the 90's-2000's. The "New" sculpts are all rubbish. Especially the Ratskins (I NEED THEM!) ,Van Saars (the ganger with the bolt gun is number one! AND THEY LOOK LIKE FREMEN FROM DUNE!) and old style Goliaths.

  1. Marienburgers
  2. Chaos Possessed
  3. Witch Hunters
  4. Skaven

  1. Grot Rebels 
  2. Gorkers
 Battlefleet Gothic
  1. Space Marine Fleet
  2. Imperial Fleet
 Blood Bowl
Orks and Goblins
I also have a plastic Human team and various bits and bobs for other teams

  1. Capitol
  2. Bahaus
  3. Cybertronic
  4. Imperial
 And I want to get much more.... Mostly Mishima and the Dark Legion

  1. Dwarves of Mid-Nor
  2. The Griffon Order 
  1. Mercenaries
  2. Cygnar
  3. Troll Bloods
Note: I actually don't play this game anymore. I mostly just have the odd figure left about, such as alexia and a full complement of thralls/wights, crows cut-throats, various bits and bobs.

Games I'm currently interested/Investing in: (aka Games I'm buying/planning on buying models for to paint, and get others in my gaming circle addicted to)

Heavy Gear Blitz
I currently have about a dozen Southern Gears (1 Black Mamba, 1 Command Jager, 2 Spitting Cobras and the rest are Jagers) and about 6 Northern Gears (1 Jaguar, 5 Hunters) that I bought to play the RPG with about 10 years back and never painted. Now I've read the rules and am interesting in playing the miniature game! (and the RPG... but that's not something I can play by myself while out here in self imposed exile...)

This game just looks awesome. AND the models are dirt cheap compared to what I'm used to. WIN WIN!

Dark Age
I have a couple models from this range because I think the models are genious... AND based off of one of my all-time favorite artists, Brom. I'm looking very closely at this game.

Flames of War
Little tiny tanks going pew pew at each other makes me happy on my insides. Plus apparently this game is big or something...
Aka I've been bugging people to play it for years now and have finally convinced some to try it out.

The models are cool. That's all the impetus I need.

Bolt Action
Because I have a need to play something WWII, and if i can't go with Flames of War, then dammit I'm just going to buy models for this to paint!

Hail Ceasar
See my above reasoning for Bolt Action (insert WWII for ancients combat).

And This is all just Wargaming...
The Roleplaying games addiction is a topic for a whoooole other (much longer) post. And then there's the board games. I may have Shiny Syndrome...

So. Obviously I have a lot of games I play, or at least try to. And as proof I can paint to a moderately decent degree, here are some pics of my most recent models (after a hiatus of almost a year):

Attack of the Frenchies!

Vive la Revolucionne!

Mortificators for Warzone

As a side note, I apologize for the quality of the pics. I only have an Iphone to take pictures with, so you'll have to bear with me using that for the forsee-able future. C'est la vie!

Anyways, there you have it. What I (Vitamin Bean) play.

So what do YOU play?

Bean out~

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