Sunday, 3 June 2012

WHAT's going ON???

Clean up

Ok so many of you may (or may not...) have noticed that some articles have disappeared from the blog and some have moved around. Let me Explain:

When I was having Internet Issues (the issues deserve capital letters) I was using the Blogger App on my iPhone to update. This was a bad idea.
Whilst it allows one to publish written articles, it does not allow one to publish articles written on a past date on the current date. Meaning, since I write most of my articles on Saturdays (to bulk up my post count and have them ready in the case of sickness or out of town-ness), the Blogger App will then retro-post those articles on the day they were written.... even if it's weeks or months ago. Thus you'll notice that some of the intended posts for say... a Thursday theories, would be posted on a Saturday a couple weeks back, as opposed to the Thursday that I meant to post it.
So I've taken the offending posts down, and I will be RE-POSTING them in upcoming weeks.

Yes this means you'll see a little rehash (one or two articles), but odds are you didn't even notice it when I posted it because it would have shown up a week or more in the past.

So, I hope that explains what's been going on. Sorry for the Issues.
I'm going to try to figure this Blogger App out and see how I can effect the post date (I'm sure it's just user issues as opposed to a problem with the app, I have never claimed to be a genius), but until then, This is the way it's just gotta be!

Anyways, There shouldn't be any interruptions in the forsee-able future (knock on wood), so things should be back to normal right quick.

And who knows, maybe I'll apply to House of Paincakes and the From the Warp Blog rolls.
What do you guys think?
To tell me if this is a good idea!

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