Thursday, 17 January 2013

Prime time: Krylon Dual Paint + Primer

Product Review

I did not use gloss....
So once again, I've been testing primers, this time, courtesy of Maqma (Was awesome to see you mate, now if only you could move back from ye olde Hong Kong....). Krylon Dual Paint + Primer matte finish.

Now, a word of warning, This stuff goes on thick. I had to draw back on my usual Omega-PRIME-job (copyright pending) as it was going on just too heavy. Due to this, make sure you shake the can hella good before you use it. Lotsa shake-a shake-a.

This is an often over looked feature on many primer cans and Krylon definitely has it right on this product. On many cans you have a standard plug spray nozzle which works for most primer work, but the Krylon Dual has a nice anti-build-up nozzle that ensures you wont have any nasty collection on the nozzle resulting in uneven spray and lumping. A nice touch.

While the primer+paint (Praint? Paimer? I dunno..) goes on heavy, it does provide a nice solid coverage. As it's Krylon, you generally don't need to really worry all that much about pooling, the most dangerous factor in using car primers. The paint clings right away and stays where it lands, always a plus when you don't have to worry about sliding.

The finish for the paint it pretty decent. It's not very shiney (which is good), has a nice tactile feel and looks like it will take paint very will. Again, due to the thickness of the praint/paimer (I swear I'll make this work...), you loose a little of the crispness in the details on models but it's not really all that noticeable, and I'm probably just being anal about it. Otherwise, all is good in the hood and the Praint does what it should.

warning: It's a bright, sunny day here and with the snow just melting there's a lot of glare in these pics. Also: I'm waaaaay too lazy to take more pics so these will have to do.


So, as you can see, the coverage is ample and solid so it definitely does it's job. In the end it all comes down to personal preference, but I would give this product a 7/10. I'll definitely be using this again as I need a decent white primer and this covers that angle with aplomb. Naturally I'll keep searching to find the perfect primer.

Until next time,
Make sure you don't wear shorts and a t-shirt while priming in -3 celcius weather. I'm not sure if my balls will ever drop back....
Bean out~

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