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White Dwarf Jan 2013

Product Review

(An ongoing review for WD)
Well then, THIS is surprising. Games Workshop is MAINTAINING the quality of a product for an extended length of time! At four months and going, White Dwarf is still kicking hard and I'm actually excited to get the new issue each month.

So what pretty pretties are in this months WD?
Lets find out.

Naturally the WD starts off with the New Release section.
Lots and lots of lovely new Dark Angel models to drool over (Yes, even that silly land speeder Vengeance... I just can't bring myself to hate it like the magic butthole chicken GW released). That new Deathwing terminator/Knights/Command squad box is simply awe inspiring. So much in one box, They are going to make a small fortune on that box as it has so many friggin BITZ that one would be foolish not to buy it. And don't even get me started on that fantastic ravenwing command box. Good God DAMN. great stuff in there. The new Fighter (Dark Talon/Nephilim jetfighter) model is pretty slick too, as I am a huge fan of the zooming bawkses that the space marines seems to be getting for "aerial superiority".

As a side note, no-one on the interwebs seems to be commenting on THIS (If you are reading this after January 2013, the link has probably changed... fyi.).
Themed armies for purchase?
Deathwing Assault?
Hunt for the Fallen??
Heroes of Rynns World???
Rapid Response Teams????
Warrior Ancients?????

 I'm glad I'm finally working on a marine army (for the first time ever in my 21 years of playing GW games...)

The Army of the month section is actually pretty neat as they are showing some older OoP(out of production) models in there which bring the rosy tints of yesteryear to my aged brain which is always a welcome warmth. Plus a non-pink/red tyranid army is always neat to see.

Jervis Johnson's soap box section has always been something of an acquired taste. I, personally, have always been a fan and love reading the thoughts of a man who, having met in person, shares a passion for games I've rarely seen. Plus he sounds exactly like Rowin Atkinson/Mr.Bean which is awesome.
Alas, this month's column is total dross. I actually found myself questioning the point of the article and laboured to get through it.
It is what it is, I guess, and I look forward to next months article (which will hopefully have less of a pandering feel).

The Battle Report is a little bit of an odd bird. It's a bring and battle   style report with no points totals or FoC usage so it has the feeling of an apocalypse-style battle without the scale. They used a specially made scenario which sounded pretty fun though and I'd love if they released the notes for it so I could give it a go and see how it played out. An Interesting idea for the BR, though I don't think it came out quite right. Still, it was a decent read.

The Rivals article about "Which spayse mareens toughies(terminators) was stupid. It was a pissing contest between writers and solved fat f*** all. a 3 minute Math-hammer** session would have shown the same results and still meant nothing. 

Blanchitsu was awesome as always. John Blanche is awesome. 'nuff said.

The Hall of fame has always been, to my mind, GW flexing it's "our shit don't stink" muscles. Seriously, a multipage article about what GW model GW EMPLOYEES like the most?
come on. It's self-felatio at it's worst. drivel.

Parade Ground:
Now this is inspirational. I have always loved seeing the top tier painters and modellers throw down and give it their all and see just what is possible in this artistic medium. Fantastic stuff to be sure, and I will always, HAPPILY, pay money to have a collection of the best work out there so I can aspire to what others have accomplished. 
Beautiful Beautiful work.

Kit Bash is a neat series. I like seeing what the "experts" have created and converted from other models. This months selection is Terrain and, while great , wasn't all that spectacular, if I'm being honest. Oh well, can't win them all.

Battle Ground , on the other hand...
Now that shit is tight. Really REALLY impressive.

Paint Splatter was helpful as usual. I have always enjoyed step-by step paint guides, despite being, for the most part, well beyond the level they show. Plus, If I'm being truly honest, I always learn a teensy bit. 
Also: I really like the Dark Angels colour scheme they showed and may steal it for when/if I ever get my filthy pig paws on a copy of dark vengeance.

Jeremy Vetocks article is interesting. On one hand, I feel it has no place taking up page space that could have been better spent on more paint splatter or parade ground . On the other hand, It's a thoughtful article and I really enjoyed it.
It probably would have been better published as Web content , but I'm not begrudging them this piece (Unlike the Rivals... F*** that noise).

and as always, my favorite section was the "This Month in" section of the WD. I enjoy reading what people (some may argue if GW employees are people, but having been one, I can say yes, they are... mostly... kinda...) are doing around the studio. A little indea of whats going on is always fascinating to me.
I'm also strange, so take that as you will

Anyways, That's my impression of this months White Dwarf. 
Once more, I enjoyed it for the most part, and am now entertaining the idea of perhaps getting a.... gasp... subscription.
le faint
So what did you all think?
Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,
keep reading, it keeps your brain healthy.
Bean out~  

**Remember kids, Math-hammer is stupid and, if you need a calculator to prove yourself as the biggest dick in a game about little plastic dudes blowing up other little plastic dudes, then you need to go build yourself a girlfriend as you'll never EVER meet a real one.
-rant over  -

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