Thursday, 20 June 2013

336 hours in...

It’s week two of my 90 day challenge and I can’t believe of the changes and challenges that have happened in just a 14 day period.  So far I’m really enjoying the majority of them but others not so much. I intend to follow the course and see where this ship leads….

Painting: I have been spending a lot of time working on my Circle of Orboros army. I started working on two feral warp wolves and Baldur the Stone cleaver. Half way through the week I wasn’t satisfied the warp wolves were looking so I decided to give them the bath in simple green. I continued on with Baldur and got most of him completed to a table standard. The big project I worked this week was my folding 4x4 gaming table. I spent the entire day on Sunday to finishing it, with the help of my dad we got it stained and cleaned up. I plan on using it at a local gaming club meeting in the month of July.

Gaming: I got in a game of Hordes this week; I took to the table with the following 50 point list:

·         Baldur the Stone Cleaver

·         Megalith

·         Stalker

·         Goarx

·         2 units of shifting stones one with the unit attachment

·         A full unit of blood trackers with the character attachment

·         Gatorman Witch doctor

·         Unit of druids with the unit attachment

·         Unit of swamp gobbers

·         Sentry stone

I ended up play against a khador list being led by the Supreme Kommandant Irusk. It was the closest game I have played for a long time. In the end poor Baldur took a great axe to the face and that was it. My opponent and I played one more turn to see what would have happened if I had gotten off my finishing run off… and of course Baldur whacked the Supreme Kommandant but good. I learned to always keep one focus if it looks like someone has a charge lane open. And of course more DC deck building.

Physical:  This week hitting the gym was little tougher than most because at work I was put on a new shift that required me to walk around work carrying 30 pounds of work kit. I put on a pedometer to track the distance I walked per day. I discovered that walked the same distance at work in seven hours then I did at the gym for one hour.  I took Wednesday off as my day of rest during the week with the expectation that I would go for a walk with my better half on the weekend. The weekends for one reason or another are turning out to be the toughest part of this whole challenge. It’s time to get up earlier on the weekends and hit the track before anything else. I changed my weigh in day Thursday and so far I’m 5 pounds lighter, only another 19 to go before I hit my target weight.

With 14 days under my belt and only 76 days left I need to stay the course…

Until next time


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