Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Zzap! Zzap!

(re)Lock and (re)Load

Yep, I've weighed and measured my many options since I moved on from this game, and have decided, once again, to take up the mantle of the bird-men! This time though, I'm going the voltaic way of lightning instead of the muddy entrenched ways of the soldier. Not for me, any more, the way of mud and blood, but the ways of SCIENCE!!! Also I really like yelling out LIGHTNING BOLT! and GOD LAZERS!!  NEEM! NEEEeeeeMMMM!!! while I play the game... but I digress...

Thusly I have decided to saddle up alongside Nemo and his cohorts to bring the lightning (and the rain?). Which brings me to the reasons for this (and the many, many, many, follow-up) articles. I'm going to document my progress and I slowly tippy-toe back into the world of WarmaHordes. But unlike the dozens and hundreds of other "watch me do this thing" blogs out there, I plan on taking my first man-steps with some help from you, the audience.

You see, I haven't played WarmaHordes in years... not since Hordes was a new thing and only have Evolution....Aka: before the current Edition - when a caster ran in the range of 60-100 points and a lowly trencher was around 13 points. Now the game pointage system is drastically different and, what was once a 750 point game is now.. what... 35 points? MADNESS!

Therefor I ask of you, my glorious Audience! (See! I think highly of you! You get exclamation marks and capitol letters!!!) for your help. I want to know what you think works, what you feel is a solid army. Here's my requirements:
  • Must be lead by Nemo.
  • Must be primarily lightning based (eg. Storm-knights, Storm-Clad, storm-smiths, etc)
  • Must be Infantry-light. (I like warjacks)

Why am I choosing this route, you may ask. Well it's simple really. I don't know the game any more and I'm assuming you, the internet know far more than I do. It's simple really. Mind, I'm not planning my army purely on what you guys say, I do know what works for me and my play style, but I'm honestly curious as to what you all have to say about the various units and their interactions inside of a list.

One last thing:

Lemme know what you all think.
Until next time,
Focus Focus FOCUS.
Bean out~

1 comment:

  1. pNemo +6pts
    -Ironclad 7pts
    -Lancer 6pts
    -Thunderhead 12pts
    -Squire 2pts

    Journeyman 3pts
    Strangeways 2pts
    Stormblades +UA 8pts
    -1 Stormgunner 1pt


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