Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Part 2: The Cleanening

Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome back for part 2 of the Simple-Green review slash how to (which is, in no way, a cheap attempt to take a sub-par article and split it into two articles so i can be lazy this afternoon... no... not at all...)!

When last we met our intrepid Chemi-man he had just given his models the sweet sweet minty green dunk!
It's so.... green.....

Well while that is busy doing it's 'thang' (remember: the simple-green takes at least 24 hours to loosen the paint from your models), you'll need to assemble a few more things to make your life easy for the cleaning.
A container of warm water
An extra container to keep your freshly un-dipped dipped.. i don't know... slimy? models in 
An old Toothbrush
Paper Towel

 It's really simple from this point, All you need to do is grab that old toothbrush and give those gooey models a good ol' scrubbing!

Until they're pretty close to clean!
You may also need to grab a pokey type device (I use an old scribing tool) to get into those tiny s[aces where paint can tend to build up and clean them out.
Cleaning in progress!
 Keep this up until you have your models all shiny clean and you're ready to start modding, assembling and painting those nice almost-new models! Hurray!!!

And it's all as simple as that!

Until next time,
Keep on Scrubbing!
Bean out~

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