Saturday, 10 November 2012

I remember a time...

Saturday Potpourri
We all start our Hobby journey in different ways. Some with the old "Box" games, some via video games, some via movies, and even others via just walking into a store, seeing something cool and buying it.
Along our journey we all have our firsts. The first time we open a rulebook, the first time we build a model... The first time we paint a model. Well folks, I've been going through my extensive collection of stuff and came across an old gem. Or rather 5 of them.
The first Marine squad I ever built. These models came in a 5 man boxed set and my dad picked them up alongside the first paint set I ever got, as a way of introducing me into the hobby. Some day when I fully unpack, I'll find my first painted model (A one-piece Chaos Warrior from said paint set), but until then...

Yes, it seems even back then, in the heady days of 1991, I was attracted to the more Chaosy side of things and painted the models up as Legion of the Damned. Because if a Marine is hardcore, a Marine ON FIRE is much more so!

Anyone else have some of their old models they want to show off/humiliate themselves with?
Leave comments below.

Until next time,
use the side of your brush, not the tip (Just the tip..)
Bean out~

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